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Everland DAO’ s Value

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Everland DAO first hopes to solve the problem of the circulation and utilization of precipitation real estate and long-tail assets in the Metaverse. Secondly, Everland DAO can bring value to contributors and builders in different roles.

For Landholders:

Landholders hold a large amount of land, which is deposited on the chain and cannot be easily applied. The holder can lend the land that has not been used for a long time to the Everland DAO for use and obtain points incentives to increase income.

Everland DAO can empower the land in multiple dimensions:

  1. Aggregate plot planning scenarios, and hold various events and parties for projects or individuals in need to obtain external benefits;

  2. Create a Metaverse Advertising Alliance to advertise Web3 projects;

  3. Organize design competitions to build above-ground buildings for landholders to add value to the land.

For Architects and Artists:

We will lower the barriers to entry, allow members to use Everland DAO land free of charge, and improve design and construction proficiency. Everland DAO will provide Metaverse construction work as a Metaverse project party and an architect medium.

For NFT Enthusiasts:

NFTverse Planes is a communication channel that provides the latest information on the metaverse, gamefi, and other NFTs. Everland DAO provides the latest NFT mint information and high-quality NFT research reports for members to screen investments. We will negotiate a whitelist of high-quality NFT projects, and NFT members can use their points to draw a lottery to qualify. NFTverse Planes is an open communication platform to answer questions, raise awareness and gain a sense of belonging with like-minded friends.

For Individual Investors:

Insight&Invest Planes mainly conducts research and publishes in-depth reports on the metaverse and gamefi projects. Individual investors can refer to the report to invest in the primary and secondary markets.

For Contributors:

Everland DAO adheres to the principle of openness and co-construction and hopes that partners with common ideas and interests will participate in the construction. An excellent DAO will inevitably gather excellent contributors. Everland DAO will attract more interested partners in terms of operation, market, content, technology, etc. Contributors will have a deep understanding of Web3 and the Metaverse and gain industry influence during the construction process. In addition, contributors can obtain points and NFT by relying on their workload and exchange various valuable rights and interests, such as NFT whitelist, land reward, metaverse wear reward, investment overflow share, etc.


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