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Everland DAO’ s Mission

What is Everland DAO?


The mission of Everland DAO is to establish a metaverse resource research and circulation center based on the Web3.0 paradigm. EverLand DAO is based on designing, planning, construction, and circulation of the Metaverse, aggregates all the Metaverse and its assets, establish the information center plane of the multi-dimensional Metaverse, and becomes a gathering place for all Metaverse enthusiasts in the world.

The OG contributors of Everland DAO have established an early organizational framework, which mainly includes 5 sections and 10+ types of professional builders. The Everland DAO framework is designed with Planes as the background. Everland DAO believes that every metaverse project is a parallel universe, and we are the planes that process a lot of cosmic information.

The main frameworks of Everland DAO include Metaverse Planes, NFTverse Planes, Insight&Invest Planes, Inner Planes and Public Planes.

  1. Metaverse Planes Metaverse Planes will become the largest community of landholders on the entire network, aiming to empower all the lands of the Metaverse. This plane will provide the latest information on the entire network Metaverse, as well as functions such as land planning, design and construction, and the circulation of land and derivative assets

  2. NFTverse Planes NFTverse Planes is a Communication center for NFT players, to form a gathering place for leading-edge NFT players. The NFT investment methodology, NFT research tools, and NFT investment research reports produced by NFTverse Planes will become the three pillars, and provide advice to internal members.

  3. Insight & Invest Planes Insight&Invest Planes mainly researches Metaverse projects and writes analysis reports to provide information support and asset value suggestions for Metaverse enthusiasts and members.

  4. Core Planes As the management center of Everland DAO, Inner Planes coordinates all aspects of operations, marketing, and technical support.

  5. Public Planes The main job of Public Planes is to provide Everland DAO members and members with self-service query services for public information and materials, including points query, Mob application, recruitment and other necessary needs.

What does Everland DAO do?


Everland DAO focuses on the core assets of the Metaverse and high-quality information output and aims to become a decentralized community for the exchange of information in the Metaverse. Everland DAO will realize real estate transactions and construction in the early stage, improve the metaverse and NFT research reports, build an NFT trading system and Web3 research tool library, etc.

Facilitating Real Estate Transactions and Construction

At present, there are a large number of plots in the assets of Web3 investors. These plots are only stored in wallets as assets and cannot be used. Everland DAO, as the first decentralized community, will propose solutions to this problem:

  1. We will gather meta The holders of the cosmic land parcels can isolate the transaction information and promote the circulation of land parcel transactions.

  2. Pledge land in Everland DAO to get equity points and active income management.

  3. We will improve the efficiency of resource utilization, and jointly develop idle plots with artists to generate income.

  4. Everland DAO plans to establish a Metaverse advertising alliance, where landholders can join and get advertising revenue.

Providing High-quality Information

In the two sections of NFTverse Planes and Insight & Invest Planes, Everland DAO encourages contributors to output research reports on the Metaverse and NFT and also invites successful investors to share trading methods. On the one hand, it is to improve the ability of members' independent research projects, and on the other hand, it can bring fortune code members.

Project Cooperation

Everland DAO will actively cooperate with Metaverse, gamefi, NFT and Web3.0 projects to provide members with information and benefits of high-quality early projects.

Investment and Incubation

Everland DAO can invest and incubate projects, so it can invest in incubation projects based on investment research and DAO decisions. Everland DAO gathers accurate Metaverse users, which is of great value to the project side. At the same time, the income from investment and incubation will feed back to contributors, forming positive feedback and a closed-loop economy for development.


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