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Everland DAO’ s Government

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The governance method of Everland DAO is a decentralized form, which is jointly governed by contributors and NFT holders to make decisions on various things. Everland DAO uses points as an intermediary to measure contribution value and exchange rights. In principle, it is based on the concept of proof of work and distributes it fairly to contributors.

The governance model and structure of Everland DAO are initially constructed by OG contributors, and as contributors join, all core contributors will jointly decide. In the mid-to-late stage, Everland DAO will sell equity NFTs to form a dual governance model of Points+NFT. Points and NFTs will be given different governance weights to participate in community proposals.

On the one hand, Everland DAO uses Points as an incentive to encourage contributors to output value for the community and to ensure its value through various empowerments for points. On the other hand, Everland DAO will also use community power to obtain external benefits to complete value capture, ensure the positive value of treasury assets, and form a community ecological closed loop. Thus, Everland DAO can attract contributors from different professions to output value for the community and the long-term development of the community.


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